cropped-banglabari-logo-2.jpgWHY DESIGN DIFFERENTLY?

BANGLA BARI is in pursuit of beautiful and sustainable architectural solutions for rural Bangladesh.

Earth built clinic in Faridpur

BANGLA BARI is an award winning architectural firm, practicing  sustainable architecture in rural Bangladesh. We work as a third party construction partner for Bangladesh government, NGOs or international organizations like UNDP, JICS, JICA or UN-HABITAT. We have been featured in international media like Al Jazeera, Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) and Nikkei Japan.




BANGLA BARI has proven experience working with international organizations. We are equipped to handle large scale construction jobs. We are currently working with JICS  to implement desalinization units all across southern Bangladesh. As a third party construction partner, we provide unparalleled professional service to international organizations.



We have partnered up with UNDP Bangladesh to develop modular based sanitation system. This is still in prototype stage. Once finished, this will reduce the cost of making toilets by 50% and cut down the construction period by 70%. This has a huge potential all across the globe in rural areas and refugee camps and already been featured in international design magazine.




  • We provided large scale water and sanitation solution to LGRD. At break necking speed, we recently completed 112 latrines in less than 4 months.
  • We are currently providing architectural consultation to Bangladesh Government regarding large scale low cost housing.



There are over hundred million people inhibiting rural areas of Bangladesh. Most of the country is low lying flat land with numerous rivers crisscrossing the plane. Historically, people of Bengal delta have built houses with natural and sustainable materials like mud, thatch and bamboo. The process has changed significantly over the last half a century and now the major materials used to build houses are CI sheet, Kiln baked brick, cement and wood. At present over 8000 brick factories produce nearly eight million tons of carbon emission every year. Corrugated iron industry adds another six million tons of CO2 in the air. Rural housing of Bangladesh is plagued with challenges. BANGLA BARI is in pursuit of finding innovative solutions for a more earth friendly green architecture.

BANGLA BARI is here to help. Give us a call or send us an email.3



According to World Health Organization (WHO), forty eight million people in Bangladesh don’t have access to proper sanitation. (30% of the population). In the rural areas, the situation is dangerous for women without a simple latrine. Millions of women suffer everyday from urinary contraction to fear of rape.  Following is a video of project proposal for solution of water and sanitation in Rohingya camps:

BANGLA BARI is committed to provide solution for water, sanitation and health (WASH) program. We have built hundreds of toilets around Bangladesh. We have also built in Rohingya camps using rapid building techniques. With the support of UNDP, currently we are developing a double pit latrines from recycled plastics, that will cost less than $100 and the modular structure can be put together in less than 4 hours.




Without a trained workforce, no architectural solution is possible. BANGLA BARI organizes workshop and training for rural masons, students and architects. (Please see the workshop section) We periodically publish papers in scientific journals. We also assist to make houses for people who can not afford an architect or an engineer. The idea is simple. To be socially responsible, to actively use sustainable materials and make beautiful architecture along the way.  A detail account of our mission can be found in the following scientific paper, published in PLEA 2014.(Exploring New Methods of Constructing Houses with Sustainable Materials in Rural Bangladesh)20190109_090043(0)