FAWAZ ROB – Founder and CEO

Fawaz Rob graduated from San Francisco State University (USA) and Disegno Academia di Firenze (Italy). As an assistant professor of architecture at North South University for ten years, Fawaz was an activist to put more “rural architecture” in architectural education.
Trained in Auroville Earth Institute (India), Craterre (France), IBOKU (Indonesia), and Laurie Baker Institute, he worked as a consultant for UNDP, GIZ, UNHCR, JICA, and JICS.

His research field is low-cost housing, sanitation, and sustainable architecture of rural Bangladesh. He has been working as a ‘rural architect’ for over a decade and his rapid sanitation and eco-housing projects have been featured in Al Jazeera, CAA, and NIKKEI Japan. He has multiple publications in international journals and was nominated by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft institute for an EU development grant. His firm Bangla Bari Ltd has built clinics, schools, houses with earth blocks, and hundreds latrines all across rural Bangladesh.

Fawaz is constantly researching, designing, and constructing various sustainable low-cost architecture in Bangladesh.


JOHN ARNOLD – Co-founder and civil engineerjohn-small1

Having previously worked as a civil engineer in the UK, John decided to co found Bangla Bari with Fawaz. He has worked with several local NGOs and has helped to develop their programmes. John has worked as a consultant for World Bank. whilst learning to make mud and bamboo houses. He lives now back and forth in UK and Bangladesh.


KAZI RESHAD ISLAM – Chief Engineer

Picture of Managing Director

Reshad graduated on top of his class in BUET (civil), IBA (Dhaka University) and Monash University (Australia). He has worked with Bangladesh Government (BEPZA), Unilever and other multinational organization. His extensive experience in multi million dollar government and multinational projects has given BANGLA BARI a competitive edge over other organizations. He has been involved in more than fifty construction projects and has a deep understanding on project management.


Apu has personally overseen over fifty construction project. He is methodical and possess an encyclopedic knowledge of low cost house construction. He is currently leading Bangla Bari’s new division of cement block construction unit. He has worked with Bangla Bari since the early days and has been a key figure to shape the construction part of the firm.

M.ANWAR JAHED – Architect


Jahed studied architecture at North South University. He is an architect and representative of Bangla Bari, who maintains an active role in the design phase. Jahed gained an interest in material science that is appropriate for rural architecture of Bangladesh. Currently, he is assisting BANGLA BARI in material research, low cost solution for architecture and rapid sanitation.

MD. EKBAL – Architect

Md. Ekbal is one of the finest architecture graduate from NSU. He won multiple national and international award. He has been involved with Bangla Bari since his university days. Ekbal is instrumental in technical aspect of the organization. He is hardworking and also oversees the publications. Currently, he is in sabbatical leave, finishing his masters in Germany.

And of course, all the talented Bangla Bari workers, whose relentless effort and craftsmanship makes each project a poetry.

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