cropped-banglabari-logo-2.jpgDONATE TO MAKE A TOILET FOR A FAMILY.

According to WHO, forty eight million people in Bangladesh don’t have access to proper sanitation. (30% of the population). In the rural areas, the situation is dire for women without a simple latrine. Millions of women suffer everyday in rural Bangladesh. See the video and you will understand. (subtitle in CC is available)

An average toilet for a family costs only twelve thousand taka ($150) to make, but it makes a big difference in a their life. The women are the most affected. When we make a toilet, she doesn’t have to go in the jungle and get raped. Your simple donation can make a big difference in her life.

When you donate, BANGLA BARI takes all the responsibility and makes the toilet. We have made hundreds of toilets across Bangladesh.6 toilet, bangladesh - diana mitlin, 2009

As a guarantee, we send you the GPS location, beneficiary’s interview and contacts. We also give address and phone number of a nearby NGO, so you can verify independently with them.

Please email us at and we will send you the instructions.

Double pit latrine