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We provide excellent consultation for your projects.

Please email: banglabaribd@gmail.com or Call 01713131657



BANGLA BARI has proven experience working with international organizations. We are equipped to handle large scale construction jobs. We are currently working with JICS  to implement desalinization units all across southern Bangladesh. As a third party construction partner, we provide unparalleled professional service to international organizations.



We have partnered up with UNDP Bangladesh to develop modular based sanitation system. This is still in prototype stage. Once finished, this will reduce the cost of making toilets by 50% and cut down the construction period by 70%. This has a huge potential all across the globe in rural areas and refugee camps and already been featured in international design magazine.




  • We provided large scale water and sanitation solution to LGRD. At break necking speed, we recently completed 112 latrines in less than 4 months.
  • We are currently providing architectural consultation to Bangladesh Government regarding large scale low cost housing.


BANGLA BARI  building vision:
  • We not only make environmentally sustainable design, we also make beautiful design.
  • We preferably build outside of city corporation areas.
  • We usually do rapid building. Meaning, we can finish a 4,500 sq feet two storied house in less than four months.
  • We take care of building permission, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and construction.


  • Our projects are beautiful to look at
  • Our projects with international organizations are functional and efficient
  • Our projects are completed on time.
  • Our projects are comfortable to live.
  • Our projects have been featured in national and international magazine.
  • Our projects always commands attention and praise.


If you want to BUILD WITH US, please email: fawazrob@gmail.com, Call 01713131657