toiletAs part of our ongoing commitment to the rural Bangladesh, we organize workshops to build toilets. This volunteer program has seen a surge of interest among architects, students and engineers over the years. This is a non profit venture and volunteer based system.

According to WHO, more than thirty million people in rural Bangladesh does not have access to proper sanitation. We select the families who does not have the means to make a toilet of their own, let alone hire architects or engineers. We talk to the families and device a participatory approach. Meaning, the toilet is not a gift. They have to pay at least 20% of the cost and give labor. We pay the rest and the volunteers put it together. A clear manual is usually provided and within two days, we manage to make four-five toilets.

This has been a successful program so far. It was even featured by the commonwealth association of architects. Here are more information:

A tale of toilets in Dinajpur, North Bengal.

Earth Architecture Training:

Earth Architecture is a worldwide phenomenon and making resurgence in 21st century. There are many ways to build a house with earth. But among them Compressed Earth Block (CEB) technology is the most efficient ways to build houses with earth.

Plastic cement block technology is environmentally sustainable method that is gaining a lot of popularity. It also helps to clear plastic waste from the environment.

Both of these construction technologies are fireproof, sound proof, bug proof, bulletproof, breathable, mould proof, nontoxic, low cost, low maintenance, structurally sound, earthquake resistant, and provide amazing insulations. The high insulation of earth blocks and cement blocks makes it very comfortable to live in during high heat of summer or freezing cold of winter.

We can provide excellent service for your project.


Training overview

Training is done in our Dinajpur facility in association with local NGO. We can also bring our training team to your site. We provide all necessary instructions so the trainees can start building immediately.

We have five days and ten days training. However, training periods can be customized. This includes both theoretical and practical training. For beginners, we recommend the five days training. Minimum hours to complete the course are 30hrs (5days x 6hours).

At the end of the course, certificate is given to the participants.

4Training procedure

Things you will learn from this five day workshop:

  1. How to understand earth
  2. How to prepare refined earth for construction from raw earth
  3. How to make a CEB block
  4. How to understand if the CEB block is good.
  5. How to cure CEB blocks to make them stronger.
  6. How to build houses with CEB blocks.
  7. How to make Plastic cement blocks
  8. How to build with Plastic cement blocks

Things you will receive in this workshop:

  1. 10 hours of theoretical training
  2. 20 hours of field training
  3. Earth preparation methods
  4. Earth identification and mixing methods
  5. CEB block building with manual press
  6. Construction methods of CEB walls.

20190109_104743.jpgWe need a minimum of five people to make this workshop viable.

This includes:

  1. All training manuals and books
  2. Four workshops
  3. Theoretical and practical training
  4. Certificate
  5. Water, Snacks, tea during workshop

What is not included in this fee:

  1. Food
  2. Lodging
  3. Transportation (to and from Dinajpur)

Everyone is different. Some wants luxury stay and some wants humble bed. If you want to stay in luxury hotels in Dinajpur, we can arrange it for you. You can also stay with us next to the training site. We let the participants chose their way of accommodation.

We provide food and lodging close to the site for a nominal fee. Participants will get comfortable rooms, clean bed and three course meal. The participants have to notify us at least a week in advance if they want to use our lodging.

Breakfast: Parata, Egg, Vegetable (shobji), tea
Lunch: Rice, fish or egg curry, daal, vegetable
Dinner: Rice, chicken curry, daal, vegetable, salad.

Snacks and tea will be provided for free during the workshop.


Lodging is inside an earth house with single bed. Pillow, clean bed sheet and moshari will be provided.

Summary of cost for training (Students):

We require at least Twenty students to organize the workshop. The workshop fee includes the fund to make the toilet. Twenty students are divided into two groups. By the end of three days, we handover two new toilets to two families. The workshop fee also includes Baul session at night, bonfire and barbecue.20190108_104024.jpg

Rate per day Total days Total person Total taka
Workshop 2000 taka 3 days 20 student 40,000 taka
Food and lodging 500 taka 3 days 20 student 30,000 taka
Organization and administrative cost 20,000 taka
Tax 10,000 taka
TOTAL: For 20 students, 3 days, workshop including food and lodging 1,00,000 taka

at least 30 days notice and 50% advance is required to organize this workshop. Usually architecture/engineering students take part in this workshops. Sometime, the university funds for the workshop. For an account of first hand experience, see:

A tale of toilets in Dinajpur, North Bengal.

For companies/organizations/international volunteers:

Rate per day Total days Total person Total in EURO
Workshop €50 4 days 5 person €1,000
Food and lodging €50 4 days 5 person €1,000
Subtotal €2,000
VAT ( 15%)    €300
Grand total €2300
The above price is guaranteed for the next 90 days from 1st May 2019. The Euro rate is given as an indication and not as absolute. The conversion rate is taken as average exchange rate of 1st May 2019. Actual conversion rate will be calculated on the day of the payment.

At least a month’s notice should be given for arranging this workshop. We need to schedule in advance. At least two weeks before training starts, 50% advance should be sent. All payment procedure should be cleared on the first day of workshop.  For this arduous technical training, we operate in paper thin margin. Please do not ask for any discounts.

Final words

Those who have gone through this training had a life altering experience. Not only you get to learn about earth architecture, you get to acquire a skill for the rest of your life. We have trained people from England, France, Germany, India and Japan.  This training will change your life for better.20190109_090043(0)

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Dhaka office: Rd 4, House 39 Block E, Bashundhara Dhaka.
Dinajpur office: Ramdubihat, Bengkhali Dinajpur Sadar.
England office: 14 Narrow Quay, Avon, Bristol BS1 4QA, UK
Phone: +88 0 1713131657, +88 0 1713131658


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